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Copywriting – Good Copy, Bad Copy

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We are drawn to visually great websites, but if that’s all they have going for them, what’s the point? At the center of any successful website is great content. Without it, your website is just a screensaver. Some businesses know and understand why it is imperative to have relevant content; while a lot of companies are still struggling to gather useful content. For example: you’re a business, and your website has a plethora of photos of beautiful landscapes and the content is vague. This could result in a high bounce rate on your website and a potential customer lost.

A site is just as valuable with copy as it is with interactive media. However, the content must be efficient. To continue your business success you should include copywriting to help sell  your products and services. But don’t be intimidated, good copywriting can come from practice and effective tips.

Direct Copy

While having no content is detrimental, having too much is also damaging. Marketing is all about selling you on a product or service. They want to convince you that what’s being offered is necessary for you. So as a copywriter, you want to write all about this thing, this lifesaver. Only now you’ve written so much; it’s overwhelming. Good copy comes from knowing what to say and how to say it. Focus on the main points; shorten sentences that are long paragraphs, and minimize fluff. Descriptive words and phrases are good in small doses but too many popups, and it stands out negatively. Be clear and precise, that’s the key.

Professional Copy

Even the most focused content is useless without proofreading. Professional writing means looking for grammatical errors. Sure, it can be a little time-consuming, but it’s worth it. Nothing says unprofessional like content without capitalization and punctuation. Colloquialisms are also risky, as only locals will know your slang. Understand your objective. If you are trying to reach a wider audience, then your copy should display that.

Researched Copy

So you’ve written concise, well-thought-out paragraphs about your company. It sounds right, and it flows. One final checkmark: does it make sense? Not all content requires tons and tons of research, but with any informative article, you want to make sure your facts are straight. I could say 87% of all online content is backed up by research, but without references, it sounds fishy.

Good copy can be creative, and all writers have their styles and methods, but these three tips will help you to construct solid copy regardless of the subject.