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Working with Brittany and her team is always a pleasure. Brittany, herself, really goes above and beyond what’s required of her services – being a small business owner myself, her efforts are very much appreciated and never go unnoticed. I always know I’m going to receive a quality product for a fair value when I hire Power Brand Media. I can always depend on Brittany and the PBM team to be reliable and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.
— Selena Pepe - Founder, 3 Martini Lunch

brittany moore

Chief Influencer / Motivator

Brittany Moore founded Power Brand Media in 2014. She is connected to business professionals and experts who can help effectively impact client success. Brittany is a seasoned communications expert who takes the time to know and understand her client's needs, business, and goals. As a strategic service provider, she carefully listens to the scope of work, company vision, and insights to help businesses achieve desired outcomes. During her ten years of service in corporate marketing and public relations, she continually provide solutions that contribute to and supports business growth. 


Michael Moore

New Business Development / Cultivator

Growth is imperative to any business success, and scaling is equal. Michael's career includes two decades of leadership growth, new business development, and management. His ability to quickly troubleshoot and problem-solve is an asset for our clients. Michael has a knack for building and sustaining healthy relationships within the Vegas community and a drive for helping our company to support business growth.


lauren tongco

Marketing Communication / Influencer

Communication is a necessary component to drive business growth, and Lauren's continued support has displayed just that. Acting as an active liaison for our clients by lending a helping hand in their direction when help is needed is a definite asset. Lauren's ability to promote healthy brands through reputation management and customer support have contributed to our client's products and services exposure. Brand awareness and social media marketing continue to be a need for businesses. Lauren's goal is to increase engagement, customers, and business success.


Joseph Gaccione

Creative Copywriter / Storyteller

Creativity adds to a company's color, persona, and it contributes to branding. Joseph's ability to paint a picture using words improves the communication between a brand and customer. The want and need for online conversions have played a significant role in our clients business success, but without persuasive and ever-evolving good copy the conversion-focused goal fails. Know thy customer is a formula in the world of customer-centric copy. Joseph's ability to stirring up emotions while using a conversational tone is a trait that has delivered business value to our client's audiences.