We Invest in Your Brand and We Watch it Grow.



We observe, cultivate, and initiate.

Power Brand Media is dedicated and committed to businesses who need support and guidance on public relations, social media, brand management and online marketing. We get up every day, doing what we love, and we come to you! We use strategic solutions to grow your audience, and we execute to build results. Our partnership involves someone in your corner. We use creative intelligence to come up with new ideas and solve problems. We visit our clients, attend their events, take their tours, taste their food, try their products, experience their culture and study their goals. We are a marketing communications team dedicated to your business development and brand awareness while delivering a more personalized service.


It's the mission.

Our mission is to help brands get exposed by spreading their story. Our responsibility is always to help businesses grow strategically and successfully by sharing their message through social networks, telling the media their news and promoting their products and services through multiple channels.


It's the promise. 

We are no legacy agency with shareholders and top executives. Our team is a hybrid of individuals who are agile, interactive, and responsive. We pivot, with you.

Our team recognizes the value public relations, marketing, and advertising initiatives provides in differentiating your business from competitors. Our goal is to hand you positive results that will lead you to become a Brand Champion.


We deliver on projects.

At PBM, we bring a wealth of experience in marketing, public relations, and brand management. Our team of professionals makes up a diverse group of talented individuals, each with his or her unique strength and experience.

We are responsible for promoting our clients within the media and industry as well as driving/supporting sales for their products and services. We develop messaging and positioning to communicate your business value to your audiences, and we will share, tell and promote your story.


Our Core Values:


  • Keep it Simple
  • Steal Like an Artist
  • Out of the Box Thinking
  • Work Smart, Not Hard.
  • Let Your Work Evolve