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Why Social Media is Still Relevant

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No matter what you are watching or reading, you will see marketing. It’s everywhere now. Commercials, ads, billboards, articles, they’re all promotions. The zenith of marketing is now online, so with everyone using mobile media, businesses can share their brand with everyone everywhere at any time. What makes this so influential is its ties to social media, and how relevant social media still is.

Instagram. Facebook. SnapChat. Twitter. We know them through and through. They’re household names, they’re famous, they’re even verbs now! But aside from the social communication advantages they share, what makes social media so powerful is its useful in marketing and advertising.

As mentioned before, social media is a cross-platform tool. The social media technology is key. You can access each site on your computer, your mobile device, or your phone. With responsive web design, the mobile versions serve as an exact duplicate of the primary site version, so you don’t lose any visuals or content.

The main takeaway from this is social media grants you 24/7 access to everywhere. Marketing has never been easier. And when you promote on a site like Instagram or Facebook, the distribution of information is pretty straightforward. Visitors can share articles with their friends on Facebook, for instance. Twitter users can re-tweet articles/website links that others will follow. Also, the social media technology allows more than just simple ads or dominant word content. Companies can share videos and high-quality photos to establish their message. Social media sites offer more precise audience targeting of advertisements. Businesses can now track what ads work and which ones don’t via click-rates, amount of shares and comments that are responding to the ads.

Moreover, a solid social media marketing campaign is ideal for online exposure. People are searching for your company on Google, for instance, you can pull up your Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook page at the very top of searches, putting you above all other competition. Great content and effective brand promotions will keep people coming back to your site, increasing your viewership and your web visibility.

Social media has much more implications than just the social aspect of it. Businesses can utilize social media sites by maximizing marketing possibilities. By adhering to the advantages in technology and online visibility, companies can grow and expand their brand like never before.

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