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What's Your Motivation?

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What drives you? Family? Job? Money? It doesn’t matter what the drive is, as long as you have it. In any profession or any career, you need the thing that gets you out of bed. You need the impetus. Being driven is not easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. The drive to be better and achieve more than you have isn’t some old school mentality or fantasy. It’s real, and it’s attainable by each and every one of us. What it comes down to is, choice. Choose to be better, decide to rise above your problems.

We have no true opposition except ourselves. We cannot control everything around us. There will always be something pushing us down to achieve our goals. But the hard times don’t last; not if we can help it. We have to tell ourselves always, “Don’t give up.” It might sound like a cliché, but that doesn’t make it false.

Those moments when we get down on ourselves are only hurting us. They don’t affect anyone else, so why bring yourself down? I know firsthand how self-depreciation and pessimism can only drag you down. They make you think everyone doesn’t believe in you, but then you realize it’s only you saying that to yourself. Until you stop doubting yourself, you won’t be able to rise above it. You have to be strong; you have to be driven. Only then will you shake off the negativity and realize you have so much potential, that you can truly do anything.

There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work comes from being motivated. Every feels good story about someone beating the odds, making a difference, or triumphing over some malicious force has all come from having the will to work at succeeding. My father’s key phrase all throughout my life has been “Gotta do it.” It means for every terrible moment in life; you have to deal with it head on, address it, and overcome it.

Even though we are all on different paths, there is an abundance of resources around us. Friends and family who will be willing to aid you. This is technology that can promise simplified living. But those are secondary to your drive. Your motivation is the engine to start this car of opportunity. You have to be the spark.

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